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The Four Sub-Species of
Heloderma horridum

Heloderma horridum. The words in latin translate into Horrible Studed Lizard. This seems an appropriate name for these magnificent creatures, commonly called Mexican Beaded Lizards

I am an expert in breeding Mexican Beaded Lizards and have a successful colony of over 40 healthy specimens. My reptiles are some of the highest quality you will find in the world. I have been keeping and breeding beaded lizards for around ten years and keep both the Heloderma horridum horridum and Heloderma horrdium exasperatum types of these extraordinary reptiles.



*NEW* - Gila Monsters

Heloderma S. Suspectum Reduced Pattern Reticulate Gila Monster
Heloderma S. Suspectum Reticulate Gila Monster

I wrote this article for the January/February 05 issue of Reptile Care Magazine. I would like to thank Dan Beck and all of the other biologests for spending their lives gathering much of this wonderful information. I hope you enjoy it.
- Steve Angeli

Recent Heloderma Book

The Biology OF Gila Monsters & Beaded Lizards is the most informative work ever published on the family Helodermatidae, and is a must have for any Heloderma enthusiast. Check it out.

Drawing of a Beaded Lizard

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